Edgar County Genealogical Society (ECGS) will merge into the Edgar County Historical Society in June 2024. Current ECGS members and others interested in Edgar County genealogy are encouraged to become members of the Historical Society.  Print and mail Membership application to the address in the application.

Edgar County Genealogy Library will continue; this website and our email will remain the same.

Edythe Stephens Family History Award

Edgar County Genealogical Society established the Edythe Stephens Family History Award in 1990 to recognize outstanding service in the preservation of local family histories and archives.

The award was presented annually by ECGS at its annual meeting in June. The recipient’s name and the year is engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Edgar County Genealogy Library.

1991  Linda Cary, Frances and Lloyd Lindsey
1992  Lee Hamilton
1993  A. Joyce Brown
1994  John C. Gibson
1995  Barbara Hammond
1996  Edgar County Clerk & Recorders Office
1997  Hannah Watson
1998  Linda Cary and Fred Delap
1999  Mary Jane Balsis and Emma Shephard

2000  Barbara Switzer
2001  David Neal
2002  Marie Dickson
2003  Edgar County Circuit Clerks Office
2004  Steve Melton
2005  Patsy Berry
2006  Linda Ballard
2007  Norman Carroll
2008  Debbie Wilson
2009  Shirley Bishop

2010  Teresa Pennington
2011  Joan Carroll
2012  Tracy L. Tresner
2013  Linda Cary
2014  Phyllis Sutton
2015  Ned Jenison and Paris Beacon News
2016  – no award –
2017  Judy Cash
2018  Linda Barrett
2019  Jennifer Barkley
2020  Linda Cary and Monica Brunelle