These publications may be purchased through Edgar County Genealogy Library. Some items may be available in limited quantities.

(paperback unless otherwise noted)
Price w/ postage# of copiesTotal
Presented with Pride. Mabel Swain Estes’ scrapbook of newspaper articles about local men and women serving in the military during World War II. Includes the lists of Edgar County’s 2613 eligible draftees. 123pp, indexed. View page$24.00
So Proudly We Hail: Those Who Served in World War II. Leta Hand’s scrapbook of clippings about area men and women collected 1942-1945. 141pp. Indexed. View page$24.00
Echos from the Past (abstracts of) Estate Packets 1-23; 170pp. View page$26.00
Kansas, IL small booklet, F. Bottom$7.00
Edgar Co. Miscellaneous Probates 1823-1963; Minors, Insanities$12.00
Edgar Co. Estates & Wills 1823-1963 (Index, lists Will book & File #)$17.50
Paris, Illinois 1904. Reprint of book originally published to encourage businesses and families to move to Paris. Descriptions and photos of schools, churches, and businesses; photos of some homes. Hardcover, B&W illus., 68pp. View page$24.50
Paris 1908 Illustrated & Descriptive. 137 B&W photo reproductions. Originally printed to promote Paris. No text except photo labels. Reprint; hard bound, 44 pp. View page$22.00
Cook Funeral Home Records, combined 3-in-1 edition. 1892-1902, 1918-1928. Information varies by year of records. View page$19.00
Blank 15-generation Ancestry chart$5.75
Edgar Co. IL Atlas 1870-1894-1910, with index (ECHS)$ 62.00
Souvenir History Edgar County
Prairie Progress: Edgar County History, 1979. 595 pages, hardcover (ECHS)$72.00
Edgar County, IL History 1879 / LeBaron, reproduction / with index (ECHS)$67.50
Edgar Co. Deaths & Some Burials by P.L. Shutt, abt 600 names, 225pp$39.00
Edgar County Marriages. Vol 2 1860 – 1877 Lists groom, bride, license/marriage date. View page$24.00
Edgar County Marriages. Vol 3 1878 – 1886 Lists groom, bride, additional data, locations, parents. View page$26.00
Edgar County Marriages. Vol 5 1894 – 1900 Lists grooms, bride, additional data, locations, parents. View page$26.00
Edgar County Marriages. Vol 6 1901 – 1906 Lists grooms, bride, additional data, locations, parents. View page$28.00
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